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I have been working online since 2012 and I am very lucky to be able to make a living from working online. I run a wide variety of websites online however I also make money through blogging for others.


Through this blog, I hope to share my experiences from working online and help others make money too. I mostly write about blogging, social media, technology, making money online, and the WordPress platform.

Being self-employed via the internet has also allowed me to travel the world doing what I love. Although I still own a house in my native, Bangladesh for the last few years I have been living around Singapore.

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Everyone falls into the world of internet marketing in different ways. It’s always interesting to hear about the path others have taken. Here’s the longer story.

Working online was a natural progression for me. I had enjoyed video games ever since I can remember.

I then learned Basic.

University was my first introduction to using the internet. It’s easy to forget what life was like before the internet was so widespread. In my first year, every student had to take a compulsory course which showed you the basics of the internet. The class involved setting up an email address and learning what the internet did. Looking back, it seems crazy that we had to take a course in setting up a Yahoo email account; though I do remember many people struggled with it. It was in that class I set up my first email account.

Perhaps more important was what I spent my University grant on. Many students simply blew any government grant they got by getting drunk in the student union. I worked at least 4 times every week at a local swimming pool as a lifeguard, so whilst I wasn’t flush for money, I had enough to go out when I wanted. So, my whole grant was spent on something very

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